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Ocean Hills Sailing Club

The purpose of the Ocean Hills Sailing Club is TO PROMOTE AND ENJOY RECREATIONAL SAILING BY RESIDENTS OF THE OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB. Membership is open to all residents. If you are just learning to sail or are a very experienced sailor, we encourage our members to get involved. You can choose to sail with different Captains and Mates or organize a fun day trip or club party.

Club members are encouraged to arrange short trips like whale watching, visiting Military installations, boarding the tall ships when they visit San Diego, watching sailboat races, boat parades and other Harbor events in San Diego and Oceanside.

In the club's sailing program, we charter sailboats from Harbor Island Yacht Club to take members out on day sails. To sign up to go sailing, go to our website under the tab of "Sign Up and Events". Available dates and seating will be listed along with the Captain and Mate's names. Just type in your name. There are always interesting things to see. These weekday sails are led by our own qualified Captains. The Sailboats are fully equipped according to current Coast Guard Standards.

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